Waiting in the Dark

He eases the door open,
light peeks into the
shadowy foyer -
he peeks around the
eyes surveying.
He is inside,
three shades of light
falling on his face
from an open window.
The door slips
back into place
and the lock clicks,
He walks unhurriedly,
but his eyes dart curiously.
He looks, but cannot
find her.
He sits to wait,
silently tapping fingers
against the air,
looking around at first,
but soon stops,
and gazes blankly
at nothing in particular,
fingers coming to rest.
He fells a hand
on his shoulder,
turns abruptly,
eyes wide.
But when he sees her,
he relaxes
and smiles,
hand finding hers
in the dark.
He didn't hear her
come in -
for she had been there,