From a Distance

I sit beside my window,
the world below I see.
No one feels my presence,
not one glance towards me.
I watch her as she passes him
without acknowledgement.
I catch the sigh that was released
by his unfaithful lips.
I watch two girls pass,
they are walking their dog,
I hear their innocent giggles
and feel a smile break across my face.
I gaze at the old man
who sits reading the newspaper
on the same bench,
at the same time,
every day.
I wait for the father
to walk home from work
so I can see the wife and children
run to hug him at the corner.
I sit beside my window
the world below I see.
Though these panes may skew my vision,
I'm too afraid to travel
out into the world
where these strange creatures
I prefer to look on
from way up here
where no one can see me
where few are my fears.
I sit beside my window
the world below I see.
But someone felt my presence
and now he's watching me.