Reflections on Stars

Force the stars away
don't be blinded by light
from earlier years,
the vibrations from a scream
emitted long ago.
Live in the present.
Just as you look to the stars
for hope,
live knowing that you, too,
will be a star,
a star that shall bring hope
to a life,
a star that may
make all the difference.
You look at hose twinkling objects
and call them stars,
but they are not really there.
They are only an illusion
which you created
to mask reality.
A new star
is created
every time
someone laughs
or smiles.
Stars are pretty,
but what purpose do they serve?
They are not food
nor money
nor love
nor any other thing
that brings pleasure.
What good are they?
A rich man is
blinded by money,
but a poor man
can see starlight.
Stars are the skeletons
of death.
How can you
look to them
with joy?
Stars are
what you make of them.