Mr. Knotts sat down and sighed heavily. His eyes were starting to glaze over with

sleep. He rubbed his eyes frantically trying to stay awake. It was 11:30pm. He had

just finished hosting a presentation, to over 500 different representatives from

corporations internationally wide. Now he sat at his desk, huddling over his computer

monitor; Trying to type up his report on the sales figures they had just earned from the

presentation. He groaned. It felt like it would be forever, before he would be able to

finish typing up the sales he had made to those corporations.

He stretched his arms in the air, leaning his head back and staring up at the ceiling.

As he started to bring his vision back to the monitor, he noticed a curious red beam of

light shining at the top of the wall, above his computer. He stared at it, baffled at what

it could be. Did he forget to turn off something? Puzzled, he scratched his head trying

to think what it could be. Never letting his eyes off the curious beam of red light, that

formed a single red dot on the wall, he concentrated. All of sudden he realized in

horror, what it was. Frantically he swiveled out of his chair, trying to turnaround, but

it was too late. Mr. Knotts was dead. He lay there face down on the floor of his office,

his arms outstretched, as a small circle of water formed beside his head.

The next day everyone in management was buzzing around about the latest

recent events. It seemed that one of the female janitors, that had came to the office

early in the morning, found Mr. Knotts dead in his office. On his desk, a suicide note

appeared on his computer monitor. It stated that he was sick and tired of trying to

impress other people and that his life was going nowhere. So he had decided to kill

himself. In his outstretched right hand a pill bottle was gripped between his fingers.

Everyone in the office watched in horrified silence as the police barred off Mr. Knotts'

office with yellow police tape.

"Poor Knotts, who knew he was on the verge of suicide?" someone murmured.

"Yeah, who would've known? I just talked to him yesterday and he seemed real happy.

I wonder what happened." Someone replied. More murmuring and whispering


Mr. O'Neil sat down in front of his computer. It was 11:45pm, since the death of

Mr. Knotts he had been selected to takeover his job. He sighed deeply. His eyes were

beginning to glaze over with sleep. He had been selected to type up a new marketing

scheme for Lazer Inc. in hopes of keeping up with their new found financial boom.

Ever since the presentation that Mr.Knotts had done, market sales and gone through

the roof. Unfortunately, Mr.Knotts didn't make it to receive the promotion he

deserved. Mr. O' Neil began to stretch his arms, his head leaned back to stare up at the

ceiling of his new office. Since his promotion, he had been given Mr. Knott's office,

along with a raise in salary. As he began to bring his vision back to the computer

monitor, he noticed a curious red beam of light that formed, into a small red dot at the

top part of the wall, above the computer. Mr. O'Neil sat there, contemplating on what

this red dot could be. Then he began to realize with horror what it was. He swiveled

around on his chair, trying to turnaround, but it was too late. Mr. O'Neil was dead.

His body lay on the floor of the office, face down. His outstretched arms reaching out.

A puddle of water began to form beside his head.

During the next few weeks, it seemed like there was a never ending nightmare

hanging over Lazer Inc. One after another people in management were dying.

Market sales had dropped drastically with the bad publicity, Lazer Inc. had been

receiving. So far in total 4 people had committed suicide. Mr. Knotts, Mr. O'Neil,

Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Ryan. The police were now suspicious and suspected a serial

murderer. In the meantime new regulations in the office were put up, stating that no

one should be putting in any overtime at the office and to finish any work they had for

the next day. For the next few weeks, all seemed calm. So far the murderer hadn't

made a move. The police were in anticipation to see what would happen next.

Lazer Inc. was back in business. People were celebrating. A crowd of over 1000

people had shown up. They had just marketed one of their brand new laser products.

A laser beam that could clear cut any object very cleanly. It was marketed for

construction companies, as a fast tool to get the job done. Over 1 billion dollars in

profit had been made. Thousands of Lazer Inc. employees had shown up to celebrate,

along with Lazer Inc.'s associate partners. Everyone was there to celebrate their

financial success that would save Lazer Inc. The lights dimmed in the room. The host

and president of Lazer Inc. Mrs. Feory stepped up to the wooden podium to make her

congratulatory speech. As she was about to speak, she noticed a red beam of light on

the top of the ceiling, forming a small red dot. She stared at it puzzled. Everyone in

the audience turned they're heads up to see what she was looking at. The crowd

started whispering in confusion. Was this part of the celebration? Was this a new

demonstration of a product they were going to sell? As the audience watched, another

red beam of light appeared, followed by another and another. Soon the whole ceiling

was covered in a mass of red dots formed by beams of light. The whispering in the

crowd was growing. What was going on? What was this for? Suddenly all eyes turned

to Mrs. Feory, as they heard her gasp in terror from the podium. Her face turned pure

white. Her whole body started shaking. She realized in horror what was going to

happen. She started to scream into the microphone, "NOOO! EVERYONE GET…."

But it was too late, everyone in the crowd was dead. All of them, lying face down on

the floor. With puddles of water forming beside they're heads.

Lazer Inc. now no longer exists. They shut it down just last year. What a shame,

it had great potential too. Especially with their new product, a laser beam that can cut

through anything and not leave any material behind. Except for a puddle of water

beside the object. It was designed to draw out moisture in wood or steel for

construction companies, but not leave any messy traces. Like wood chips, steel bits or

in this case, blood. I found it pretty effective. I should know, I used to work for Lazer

Inc. Now I'm out of a job. You don't suppose you could recommend me to a

company? I have lots of experience and generally have good people skills. Think you

can help me out here?