If I said what I wanted to say,
There would be no need to listen.
As what I think I go through alone,
So many others join me in.
We all cry in unison,
Thinking we are the only ones,
Who experience this pain,
Even through we all hold it.
You can pass people in the streets.
'I wish I were them.'
But take a look closer,
What they whisper to you,
'I wish I were you.'
Can't you see the tears welled in eyes?
The plain,
Never to smile faces,
The way laughter is pushed out,
Or subdues within seconds,
Can't you see?
That we all go through the same pain?
The same hurt.
I once thought I was alone.
Until I looked into the mirror,
Not to apply make up,
To hide myself,
Not to fix my hair,
So as I appeared different,
Not to check my clothes,
So as I felt I looked better.
I just stared,
I stared into the eyes of another,
Into my own soul.
It was then I realized,
I had become a shell.
I looked as my self,
Not as 'Me',
But as 'Siobhan'.
As another person.
So, besides having the millions of other teenagers,
I had myself.
But is that ever enough?

By Siobhan
Date: 12/April/2004