Hear the notes behind the music,
Key them into your mind,
Listen to them again and again as your thoughts unwind,

Find release where others can't, set yourself free,
Drift upon the waves of a fantastic melody,
Pain, Love, Angst, Happiness flowing over you,
Open up your arms and feel your heart break on through,
All that holds you back from being true,
To your soul.

No matter what the sound, let it course through your ears,
Feel the energy and let it burn away all your tears,
Release the hate and taste the love and blast away all your fears,

Find yourself upon the wings of the melody,
Drifting, diving, careening, can you finally see,
Why this world is meant for you and me,

Let us live, let us give back the life that we have been given,
Let us dance about this world of concrete and tin,
Let us feel ourselves and find ourselves as the sun comes up again.