Why do you let me drown?
When I save you from death?
Why do you push me away?
Yet pull me towards you?
Why do you swipe your fist at me?
But then kiss me like that.
Why do you say you hate me?
Yet you won't let me leave.

Why do you tell me secrets?
Which long ago have passed?
Why do you whisper everything?
I want to hear.
Why do you break those promises?
Which mean so much to me?
Why do you tease me around your mates?
Am I really that worthless?

Why do you spend my money?
Why do you flirt with my friends?
Why do you bite my lip?
When ever you kiss me.
Why do you make it hurt?
I know love making can feel good.
Why do you bite and scratch me,
I said I didn't want to do it.

Why am I still here?
Why do I stare into the mirror?
I can see the tears never to be cried.
I can see the cuts on my wrist.
I can see the blood caked on my hands.
I can see his eyes,
Lifeless and blind.

'Why did I do it?'
I ask my self,
I could feel guilty,
About the horror and pain I felt every day.
About all he put me through.
Or I could ask,
'Why didn't I do it sooner?'

By Siobhan
Date: 12/April/2004