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My dreams are not normal. They play in my mind like full length movies and books. In them are the histories of other worlds and the possibilities of many futures. I was given these dreams in order to record them. Maybe there is a person out there that will need to read them and one day decide their purpose. As for me, I've always been just a record keeper who doesn't involve herself with outcomes...until this last dream.

You see I'm not one to give up things easily.

I woke up from my dream and looked at the telephone. Sure enough it began to ring. I stretched me long finger over it, encircling its handle. This was the first step in my transgression.


"Hello Sylvia. I really need you to come over, right away."

"I'll be right over Amato."

I hung up the phone. I turned letting my legs slid against the beige sheets. I braced myself, arching my back as I looked up at the ceiling. Was I about to do the right thing? Did I even care? I felt the gentle swish of my black hair against my back. Yes, this is what I decided. I stood up and grabbed some clothes from my closet. I tugged on my jeans and then pulled a burgundy sweater over my head. I looked at my black boots, but decided against it, instead opting for my tennis shoes. I would be doing some running.

Then with a stretch and a long sigh I headed towards the door, grabbing my car keys on the way out. It wasn't a long drive and I'm glad for that. I didn't want to have the chance to change my mind. My mind began swimming with the thoughts of my dream. I opened my glove compartment. Inside was a boot knife. It was something Amato got me as sort of a gag gift. I had never had the courage to wear it. I was always scared that if I wore it I would get arrested or something. I grabbed it strapping it to my waistband and pulling my sweater over it. Then I was in the driveway.

Amato must have been waiting for me, because as soon as I opened my car door I saw him at the front door. I stepped out of the car, swallowing hard but my shoes hit the pavement with a determined stride. Then he was standing there with a lopsided grin and a worried look in his wide brown eyes. I felt my heart swell at the sight of him and this night of all nights.

Amato ran his hand through his brown locks. "You're never going to believe this."

I didn't respond because I had already seen everything and much more. A slight breeze blew by lifting up our hair, and our locks danced around our faces as if the wind was kissing us farewell. Then as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. I smiled softly.

"Are we just going to stand here?"

Amato looked confused as if he missed something very important then he laughed nervously. It was his soft denial of what was to come. "Sorry, come on in."

I walked in as Amato locked the door behind him. Locks won't work against him. Then we walking into the living room and there she was. The one who was going to get Amato killed. How could something that was going to send my world off kilter come in such a small package? She looked like if I breathed on her she would fall into a thousand tinkling shards. Everything about her was like a dream. Her soft silver hair poured around her shoulder like water and her eyes were a strange color not quite blue and not quite silver. It was almost like my eyes were trying to place some sort of normalcy to the color, which they probably were.

She and I stared at each other, my hand tightened into a fist. Her expression wasn't proud as I had imagined it would be but filled with sorrow. She made me want to weep for her, but she was also going to take Amato away. Then the tension was broken between us as Amato clumsily bumped into a table. I turned and went to his side, my worry compounding because of the fear that lied deeply inside.

"Are you ok?"

Amato shooed my concern away as he sat on the couch next to the girl. "I'm fine. I'm more worried about Orah."

I stiffened at the sound of the name. Light. So this was her. I sighed. There was no point in denying it now. I sat heavily in the gray armchair. Crossing my legs I leaned back. "So tell me."

I actually didn't need to hear the story I had seen it all already, but I knew Amato needed to tell me, to know that he wasn't going insane. In a way I needed to know as well to make sure everything matched what I saw. Amato began his retelling.


Amato stood in the kitchen. With a dexterous hand he sliced up the celery on the cutting board. He was moving on to the onion when he stopped. A voice was calling his name, tugging something inside him.

Amato. My Warrior.

It was strange. Next thing he knew he was at the door, peering into the night. With a start he realized he didn't even remember leaving the kitchen. The voice became more incessant and despite knowing this was crazy. He took a step forward. The call reached out like an invisible hand guiding him. There was a chill in the air causing his skin to prickle, but he didn't mind. All there was for him was to find what was calling. He found her.

She lay on the ground like a bundle of abandoned silk. He might have thought she was, odd as that might have been, but slowly she lifted her head. Her glimmering eyes met his solid brown ones and he felt a shock course up his body. At that moment he knew he would die for this wisp of a creature that lied before him.

He moved towards her about to gently scoop her up in his arms when he froze. A voice as sharp as a blade cut through him chilling him. Then where once emptiness stood a man formed out of shadows. Amato couldn't believe his eyes, but there the man was. His face was bloodless his eyes an all encompassing black and crimson hair spilled in rivulets painting his skin with the illusion of running blood; a horrifying beauty with bloodstained wings spilling from his back.

"Leave now boy."

Amato swallowed hard. Looking at him all he wanted to do was leave. His brain was sending emergency signals to leave if not for his life than for his sanity, because what he was seeing went beyond all things real in this world. He felt his life being sucked into a world he had always tried to ignore. The out worldliness of it all strangely reminded him of Sylvia. The way Sylvia always seemed to be looking at something far beyond what he was seeing. The thought of Sylvia brought this all crashing back down on him and it hit him hard as he realized this was all real.

"I can't."

The man eyes narrowed as he stared down at Amato.

Amato laughed and inside he wondered where he was getting all this bravery from when just a second ago he was ready to run away. "You see Sylvia would be angry with me if I just left a helpless girl all alone."

The man's lips curled into a smile that cut at Amato's soul. Unconsciously Amato took a step back away from him. The cold black eyes were completely focused on him. "You are intriguing I wish I had more time to play with you."

The man raised his hands and instinctively Amato raised his own hands as if to ward off the attack. He saw the black electric power build in the man's hand then he snapped it at Amato. Amato knew he was going to die, but death didn't come. Instead a sphere of silver light enwrapped him, shielding him from the blast.

The man twisted his head until he was looking at the girl once again. "You can't protect him for long."

He threw a black ball of shadows at the girl and she was enwrapped it in. Her body started to convulse in pain as bruises began to form on her white skin. Amato looked on in shock. Her pain was his pain and he couldn't bear it.

"Stop it!"

The man only chuckled enjoying his game. The girl began to scream. It tore at his ears. He would do anything to stop it. Anything and the desire to protect the girl became such a strong force in him that it began to build until it was a fine point. Before him it shone then formed into a weapon used by many like him. Amato grasped the sword, the golden light shot through his body, claiming him.

Amato knew only one thing at that moment. He had to stop that man. He ran forward with the golden blade ready. The man suddenly turned and his eyes widened. The man's hand went up and a black shield formed, but Amato didn't care. He crashed into the shield his body slamming into it and the blade pierced the man's left cheek. The man's eyes widened and he jumped back.

"So this is the warrior." Then he was gone.

Amato breathed heavily with the golden sword outstretched then he heard a soft moan behind him. He turned, dropping the sword as he ran towards the girl. The sword disappeared behind him as he scooped up the frail form. Holding on to her and seeing her bruised body he felt pain swallow him.

"I'm so sorry."

The girl looked up at him with bright eyes. "I am glad you are here Amato."

He wept hugging her to him, feeling his heart truly beat, because now it beat with purpose. He carried her the entire way home and the feeling of rightness never left him. This was who he was and though he had many questions none of them mattered. The girl squeezed his hand.

"I'm Orah."

Her name filled him with happiness and he smiled down at her. "I'm Amato."

"I know," she said. Of course she knew. She had been the one calling him. Still he didn't question.

What did questions matter when he knew his purpose.


Amato smiled sheepishly. "I was pretty dazed. As soon as I came back then Orah" –he smiled as if the mere name brought him pleasure-"explained. Even with the explanation I don't understand most of it, everything about demons and Orah being some light of the world. So I called you. I thought you might be able to understand it better than me."

I simply nodded. My chest was filled with pain. "Give us a moment to talk Amato."

Amato looked nervous but since Orah also nodded her consent he stood up. "I'll make some tea."

Amato left us and I looked away from Orah. Slowly I tried to come to terms with what I was about to do. I heard the soft rustle of clothes and looked up. Orah had stood and went to the window pressing one delicate hand against the window as she looked out. I stood up and walked towards her, slipping my hand underneath my sweater.

"Record keeper, one who is supposes to watch but not to interfere, why are you here?"

"Because Amato asked me to come," I said simply, tightening my grip on the knife. "Why are you here Orah?"

"It is my destiny to be here; me who keeps this world from being shroud in darkness."

My eyes narrowed at her words, they disgusted me. "You who numerous people have to sacrifice their lives for so you can keep shining."

She didn't turn towards me, but her hand balled up against the window. "Yes."

In that tiny word was such great pain and sorrow I felt like I was drowning in it. I didn't want to feel sympathy for that creature, but it tugged at me. Before I could change my mind I grabbed her from behind placing the blade at her smooth throat.

"You can't have him."

Orah didn't flinch. "Amato. Beloved. You love him."

I squeezed my eyes shut. Unshed tears glistened off my eyelashes. "Yes, why did you have to pick him? Making him your warrior will kill him."

Silence enwrapped us and I thought she wasn't going to answer the question, but then she spoke. "I understand. I love him too."

I felt like my entire soul had been ripped apart. I dropped the knife and slid to the floor. I couldn't do it even for Amato. Though I knew his death could be prevented by killing this woman I couldn't do it. "I'm sorry."

I stumbled away, heading towards the kitchen. I could feel Orah watching me with mournful eyes. Amato was starting to stand up with a panicked look on his face, but when he saw me a wave of relief washed over his face. I quickly turned away, dashing away my tears.

"Hey, are you all right Sylvia?"

"Yeah, I was wondering what was taking you so long with that tea." I walked over to the kettle and poured myself a cup, avoiding looking at him.

"I thought you and Orah needed the time to talk." I could almost hear another meaning in his words and I felt guilty. If I had hurt Orah Amato would've never forgiven me.

"Yes, we've finished talking." I was intent on fixing my tea, waiting to hear Amato's footsteps as he headed back to the living room where Orah waited. Then I heard his steps and I wanted to sob.

This was it. He was leaving me. Strong warm arms wrapped around me and I stiffened in surprise. Amato leaned his head against mine and I could feel his breath gently blowing against my hair. I surrender to the embrace, relaxing in his arms.

"Thank you Sylvia." He said softly. "Without you I would have never found my strength."

He released me and walked back into the living room carrying tea for Orah. I clutched the counter so hard one of my nails broke. I reveled in the physical pain trying to block out the pain inside that threatened to deaden me. Then I could hold it back no longer and I started to sob falling to my knees. I cried for a long time.

I would have stayed there for days if I could, but waking dreams pressed against my eyelids and I knew it was about to start. A large boom in the living room proved my words true.

"I won't let them take you Amato." Then I was on my feet and running. I burst into the living room and the scene that greeted me was chaos. All the furniture was smashed against the wall and the windows were all broken, glass shards littered the floor. Amato stood in front of Orah the golden sword brandished in his hand, glowing more spectacular then any vision could truly capture.

"Leave now demon."

The demon was the same one Amato had faced before. The same one from her vision, the one who would kill Amato. Slowly as if he sensed my presence the demon turned to me. His eyes widened a little before a smile split his lips.

"So you come to witness Record Keeper."

My breath sucked up in my throat as I stared into those terrible eyes.

"Get out of her, Sylvia." Amato bellowed.

Amato's desperate cry widened the demon's smile and I knew what was coming. Still I didn't move. Then a ball of shadows was coming towards me and all I could do was wait for it to hit. As it moved so did something else and golden light smashed against the black. I looked up to see Amato standing in front of me. He gritted his teeth, his muscles straining as he tried to hold back the darkness. The light grew brighter and even the demon was forced back. Then Amato was slammed against me and we both went spiraling into the wall. My head hit the wall and I felt unconsciousness trying to overcome me, but I struggled against it.

Amato looked up at me with a groan. "Sylvia, are you ok?"

"Yes, thank you."

Amato sat up with that silly expression of his, grinning at me. "I'm just glad you're ok." His gaze slid back to the demon. "I have to finish this. Get Orah and get out of her."

I shook my head. I didn't want to leave him. Desperately he grabbed my arms and shook me.

"Please Sylvia."

The pleading in his eyes were too much and I looked away. "Ok."

Then he was standing and I recognized all of this. I stood, stumbling over to Orah. There was wetness at the back of my head, but I ignored it. I blindly grabbed Orah. I would at least follow Amato's last wish. The thought chilled me, but I wasn't given the opportunity to think on it when I saw the demon recovered and staring intently at Orah and me.

"Where do you think you're going, Record Keeper? Don't you know you're not allowed to interfere?"

I shuddered at the glance he gave me. My muscles tensed up as I prepared to dash away with Orah. Still his words chilled me. Would everything happen whether I interfered or not?

"Don't listen to him." Amato said as he stood up his sword pointed at the demon. "I'm not sure what this Record Keeper he keeps calling you is, but I do know that what counts right now is what you do now, not what someone ordains. It's all your choice."

His words warmed me and I started to sprint towards the kitchen door. The demon raised his hand and flame shot forth. Automatically I pushed Orah down on the ground with me, twisting on my back as I fell. I saw Amato's sword come towards the flame slicing it and it split into wisps of smoke. My eyes widened at the feat.

The demon wasn't done. He struck out with more flames and shadow balls, but Amato successfully blocked and sliced through them all. Still even my eyes could see he was weakening. I turned to Orah.

"Do something. Whatever shield you placed on him before do it again."

Orah looked at me shaking her head. "I was shielding him, but I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry but I'm too weak."

I could see the shame in her glance, but I turned from her. So there was nothing any of us could do. Amato must have come to the same decision, because he lowered his sword. Instead of giving up in defeat he smiled.

"Nothing matter does it as long as Orah is safe." He turned and looked at Sylvia. "And you, Sylvia."

My eyes met his gentle brown ones. My mouth gaped open in the horror of what he was about to do. I had seen it all before in my vision, little parts had changed, but this moment was the same. Those eyes of his held no regrets, not like mine. In them was all the happiness he had and I realized it was the happiness he had with me.

"Don't," I whispered.

Then he turned to the demon. "Let's finished this. Don't you have anything better?"

The demon grinned and in his hand formed a blade of shadow and lightening. "Is this good enough."

Amato frowned and raised his sword again. "Perfect."

Then Amato was running his blade raise to strike. Sylvia knew the demon was misinterpreting Amato's action. He had no idea how much Amato was willing to sacrifice, but I knew. As he was running so was I.  I had to stop him. The demon only laughed. Their blades were near, but instead of the strike the demon was expecting his eyes widened as he finally realized what was happening and it was already too late for him to get out of the way. Soon he would be impaled on Amato's sword and Amato on his. It wasn't too late for me though.

I ran and slammed into Amato's body. Hard metal separated flesh and blood spilled over a shadow blade. My blood. Silence filled the room and there was only the drip drip of my blood. Then the silence was broken by a scream.

"Sylvia!" Amato cried.

The demon laughed. "Foolish Record Keeper. If not for you I would be dead. You did it all to save that worthless boy, but in the end I will still kill him."

Slowly I raised my hand; there was some power inside me that was keeping me alive so I could do this final thing. I silently thanked it. I grabbed the sword and pushed myself further up the blade. The blade buried furthered into my belly until it was protruding through my back and still I went further up the blade. I screamed at the tearing pain, barely managing to stay conscious.

"Sylvia, please stop it!" The pain and tears in Amato's voice ripped at me, but this was something I wanted to do. I wanted to break this cycle.

No more warriors should die.

The demon stared to pull his weapon out but I grabbed his hand. He tried to lift his hand but I managed to hold it to the blade.

"Get off me!"

Finally I lifted my head and my grey eyes met his. You see as Record Keeper I was not completely defenseless. My lifeblood poured on the blade and began to slide over him, enwrapping him. Panic filled the demon but he could no longer move, my blood had already seeped inside him. Generations of Record Keepers burned him with their hopes.

The demon screamed desperately trying to get away from me, but my blood wouldn't release him. Like acid my blood ate at him until there was nothing there. With its master gone the blade piercing through me became nothing but smoke and I fell to the ground. Heedless to what he just saw Amato came to me gathering me in his arm. I wasn't worried. My lifeblood would never harm one that I love. Anyway I'm sure there wasn't enough power left in it anyway.

"Sylvia, please don't die." Amato kissed my dying body. His tears washed me as he placed kisses all over my face. It was as if he thought those kisses could bring me back to him. At that moment I wanted to say so much to him, but I had lived long enough and death had finally come.

Dimly as darkness came I heard Amato call out to Orah to heal me, but I knew there was nothing that she could do.

I was floating as a pale light began to enwrap me. Happiness and peace were in that light, but I still couldn't help weeping for what I had lost.

"This is not the end."

I looked and I could see Orah next to me and somehow I expected her.

"You know I can't bring you back."

"I know." I said softly.

Orah hugged me and I felt her warmth seep into me and I knew why so many warriors have died for her. I knew why this world needed her to continue on.

"No longer will warriors have to die. They will have a choice now. Some will still die, but others will be able to rise above their fate. Thank you."

I smiled, but I couldn't help feeling a little sad. I would miss this life, my family, the friends I had and even the dreams. I'll especially miss Amato.

"You'll come back," Orah said. "You're a Record Keeper so you'll one day be reborn."

The happiness at those words swirled inside of me. Maybe one day Amato and I'll meet again. Orah began to fade and I called out to her.

"Tell Amato..." Desperately I groped for the words, but then I heard Orah's voice.

"I will."

Relief flooded me. She would tell him all the words I couldn't. Then I was walking into the light and as I left everything behind I remembered the sweet kisses Amato had left with me.


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