Be Yourself
I'm the girl standing front and center
The ones in pink converse shoes
With sparkly eyes and curly hair
The one right in front of you
My CD changer's full of Britney and Etta
Bookcase holds the Bible and Seventeens
I'm the one outside with bare feet and a sundress
The one rolling in the grass so green
I'm the laugher, the crier, the screamer, the student
The one you just can't seem to understand
I'm crazy, I'm loud, I don't really care
Nothing I do or say is planned

I'm the pink in a crowd of gray
Always wacky, never normal or bland
Forget about marching to the beat of a drummer
Babe, I'm marching in a one-woman band
All I want it world peace and kittens
And my own electric blue guitar
Wanna ride around with top down
In my silver convertible car
I'm the confused one, laughing in the corner
Laughing hard, so as not to cry
I'm attempting to live an honest life
Trying not to live a lie
Give me some paper, I'll write you a story
Give me rhythm, I'll sing you a song
Don't try to judge me, just learn to accept
Be yourself, you can never go wrong