What was the harm in just one kiss?
Our lips met for the moment seemed right,
And it started this big fight.
I traveled in a world of bliss,
You I wanted by my side.
Then things turned dark and I wanted out.
It was fine from the beginning
And now it's horror.
Never knowing what is right.
What was their problem?
Why did this happen?
It lasted only so long.
Things were getting ugly,
We couldn't escape.
My mind went from love to hate.
Manipulation of different thoughts occurred.
I blame myself for having doubts.
I just wished you fought for what we believed, and me.
But then again, they made it hard.
So the magic broke,
And for the while, I thought it was your fault.
I didn't know whom to blame.
Then one touch of emotions happened again,
And I found myself back in your arms.
But things changed when I found it wasn't what I wanted.
It was different,
It was there but nothing that could erupt the surface of this world.
So I left again.
And now I cry in your arms because someone I trusted betrayed me.
You were right from the start,
That person would never help me.
And just one kiss started this all.
Confusing thoughts on what to do and how to act.
But you care in your own special way,
It will just take some time for me to allow myself to love again.
So many things have happen and I want to clear them all.
Make things right.
But until that next kiss,
I can't be yours just yet.