Subtle Passion Through Death Forced
© Copyright 2004 - Recherché Inamorato Productions

Trace along my fingers with the despise in your flesh
Run your hands over my warm sensitivity
Feel me tremble below you as the passion grows to all new heights
What do I know of SIN that's new to you?
I can't teach a lesson and I will never learn
Draw the dagger from your black vinyl boots
Sacrifice me to a high power
Delicately pull the jagged blade across my abdomen
Make sure that you push hard enough
Watch the blood soak my skin and stain the silk beneath me
Screams of pain escape my soul as you force your fingernails into the gash
And pull me apart
Place the dagger in my hand
Demand that I clasp my fingers around the ivory handle
The wet steel enters my throat with ease
And you laugh as I choke on the weapon, allowing myself to drain
From the sides of my mouth
These tears freeze us in time and my soul comes alive
Seeking revenge for what you've done.