She had left early knowing that it was going to rain. The air smelled like it, the wind stilled, and the clouds made promises that they had broken all summer. But she hadn't expected it to start so soon. A mist rolled in, shrouding her and giving mystery even to the unimaginative city streets. Then a light drizzle, enough to feel as though a thousand tiny kisses were being laid across her brow. She bowed her head as the force of wind and water increased, driving into her eyes and clouding her vision. Then, suddenly, the clouds burst apart and spilled out torrential floods of water. She started to run, but each step merely threw water higher onto her once pristine party clothing. She looked down at herself, at her soaked skirt, shoes that ran water in at the back and out at the front, shirt that was plastered to her skin, and emotion that she had suppressed earlier began to swell… and she began to laugh. She took off her shoes and twirled, dancing with herself in the downpour, and inadvertent black mascara tears flowed down her cheeks as she gave up and let the storm become her.