I roam the halls most every day

I try to gather all the strength I can to say

do you see me? do you feel my pain?

can you ever wipe away this eternal stain?

The winter frost gives way to spring

The scourging spring gives way to summer, season's king

Yet even the summer offers no serenity, 'tis searing

and soon you'll find fall approach jeering

There you stand, there you are

Celestial memory, brightest star

My agony begins to burn

Yet you, give glacial looks and turn

Can you see my dying?

You are indifferent, you aren't even trying

With every second, the vortex pulls me in , the shackles stronger

Why should I attempt to hold on any longer?

This inferno on earth will never give me peace

Will never unleash me, grant me my release

I'll remain here eternally in this scarlet colored room

the walls begin to approach me, I've met my doom

Memories of you flood me, overtake me with ease

the waters cascade, they never cease

Striking colors of turquoise and emerald begin to envelop

with these waters, waters of my own begin to develop

they stream down my cheeks, leave a fading mark

ever so soon all will be dark

lassitude quickly begins to set in

minute by minute my thread gets more thin.

tears cease to flow

these rivulets of sorrow and woe

Eyes look their last

their time to close is longtime past