thrashing wildly in the rising water
this presence is too much to comprehend
hanging onto the desires of an earthly heart
while treading alone in His vast ocean

the deep undertow is forever beckoning
abandon everything and fall in
poor stupid human nature cannot continue
perpetuation of its own life
and give itself to the waves

sinking, I'm sinking
into an ocean of You
like a child clutching fists of mud
refusing to give up worthless fascinations
either my old self keeps breathing
or I delve headlong into You

knowing I can never win
Your best interests are mine
I will slip, lose grasping hold of shadows
feel myself float under the surface

who knew I could breathe underwater
who knew I what I feared was just You
that jealous heart is all that had to die
glad to see that extinguished form floating by

pull me in, pull me closer
till all I become is loved by You
You are the meaning of survive