a bit of advice:
"pray harder,
hope stronger,
just do as I do
everything will be all right."
my Lord, You know
what they say

a little more:
"envision it and it will come closer
believe and you will have it
earn those miracles!"
Father, You know
what they say

the jab:
"if you really wanted it,
you'd have it by now.
You pray, don't you?"
(questioning stare)

When did prayer become
a shiny magic button
triggering some celestial vendor?

I'm not perfect
always struggling
but forever loving You
God,this is what I say:
love is not magic
magic is not love
can't they see
I am doing my best?

this is my mistake,
in grace corrected:

can't YOU see
I am doing my best?
eloquent silence answers yes

Jesus, for the sincerely
wise teachers I give You thanks.
"we will continue falling down
and getting back up
all the way to heaven."

no matter what
my hand in Yours
my eyes gazing upon You
Your splendor is all in existence
over this vast and surface world.

Your song in my ears,
I no longer hear
what they say.

When we think it's all over, we're still not beyond the point where God can reach us. Christ is hope beyond all hopelessness. ~~ Steve Mason, Jars of Clay

Augustine: ...there can be no true friendship unless those who cling to each other are welded together by You in that love which is spread through our hearts by the Holy Spirit...