unseen, You shape it all before me
framing out this world like a cloud
upon which I sit too comfortably
rarely turning around to see You and Your love
gleaming as the precious jewel it is
a treasure beyond compare

take my heart and bend it
mend it into honest gratitude
I've had so enough of me
weary in my lack of wisdom and heart
when I know in my head
I'd be lost without You
why don't I run to You each time?
where else could I go?

would I find my completeness in a crowd
in compliments and adoration?
if I could make the whole world love me
but never met You who would I become?
would I find it
in the arms of handsome men
a wardrobe full of beautiful clothing
behind the wheel of the fanciest car
from within the most exquisite home
lavishing in the world's best riches?

where would I find refuge --
hiding in the ocean's depths
lost among the clouds
shivering in some forgotten corner
like a scared and impudent child?

save me from my coldness
light these fires again
teach this stubborn heart
train these lazy hands
set reality before these fickle eyes

by Your Grace
rest me
in Your Invisibility