A Break From Singledom
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on a Monday when Wayne Hartman's able to make
A decision to ask his boss to take a break
From his stressful days at work and go to San
Diego,where he was suppossed to be his own man.
But that was before he had made the mistake
Of telling his boss that he's going there by himself,
Which caused his boss to give his cute little elf
Permission to go
With him to San Diego
And have a wonderful time,instead of being by herself.

At first,Wayne was about to tell the boss to
Forget it.But when he had gazed his eyes onto
His daughter,who happens to be a Goldie Hawn type
Beauty and noticed that she's truly well worth the hype,
Wayne had changed his mind and allowed her to go
With him to San Diego and enjoy the peace and
Quiet of the city that was so very grand.

Just then,as soon as they've arrived at the Beach
House and looked at the scene that's within the reach
Of the house,the duo looked at each other and
Kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after he'd placed his hands on her hips,
The two newfound lovers had moved themselves into the bedroom,
Where they've moved the mattress into the middle of the room
And kissed each other on more than their lips.

And after they've removed all of their clothes and laid
Themselves down on the mattress,the two lovers had made
Love,while everyone else in San Diego was going on
With their own business.Sometime later,after Wayne and Sharon
Had collapsed due to exhaustion,Sharon had laid
Her head on Wayne chest,took a deep breath and
Asked,"Well,Wayne?Hasn't this day been so very grand?"

"More than grand,Sharon.",answered Wayne,while he was running
His gentle fingers through her hair."This whole day's being
More than grand."

And with that,the two lovers had snuggled up to
Each other,closed their eyes and had gone to
Sleep within each other's naked arms.

And of course,they haven't done any harm
To each other,for they had fallen deeply into
With each other.

In fact,Wayne wants to stay within Sharon's life forever--
As her husband and Sharon as his wife,
For she indeed is the true love of his life--
And with all of his heart,he'll always love her.

A year later,the two lovers decided to take
A break from singledom and make
Themselves get married in San Diego,
Where they've became Wayne and Sharon Hugo-
Hartman.Ah,yes.What a diference a break
From life makes.