The Snake within

My life is cyclical,
Like a snake
Biting its own tail,
I shall devour myself
For all eternity.

A symbol:
Of infinite destruction.
A symbol:
Of corrupting evil.
A symbol:
Of natural rebirth.

I have been reborn,
My mind has shed
Its former skin,
And I have bathed
In unbefore seen light.
I have felt that
New sameness.

I have been decieving,
I have offered
that most beautiful apple,
and have proffered from
its digestion.
I have felt that
Pleasurable corruption.

I am endless pain,
Which I propagate
For reasons as untangible
as endless love,
which lacks in opposition.
I have felt that
Cyclical Despair.

I am this snake,
My bite is weak,
But my venom strong,
So bewarned, and keep away
From this blackend hole
In which I live.
I may seem tame,
But when I bite,
No mercy do I give.