I am...

A/N: I just wrote this on a whim. I don't normally do "original" stuff, but...lets see what kind of response I get eh?

I am water
Shallow and deep
Patient and strong
Passive and aggressive
With time, I can wear away the sharp edges of a rock into a beautiful, polished stone.

I am fire
Ember and inferno
Slow and quick
Bright and alluring
With time, I can either grow or extinguish, thrive or fail, live or die.

I am earth Pliable and soft
Barren and beautiful
Hard and weak
With time, I can bear foliage or turn to dust, both hiding and showing my treasures.

I am air
Harsh and biting
Gentle and caressing
Nourishing and damaging
With time, I can tear away a rough exterior or simply reshape it.

I am timeless
And yet do not have enough time
I am a child of God
And he is in everything
He is in me
And I am in everything.