Beat me down with the flail of progress once again,
Blows rain down from unknowing sin,
Sin of my fathers sin of myself,
I throw my worth upon a shelf,
And forget myself amidst the pain,
My shattered mind falls apart again,

In the story of failure I am a tragic hero,
My demons fly upwards to bind my will again,
I fall down, down, dragged towards the embers of my inequities,
Couched in darkness I spasm and cough up my happiness,
I watch as it sizzles away into nothingness,
All I can see is my desire to follow it,
Joy becomes a bitter memory,
I have fallen away from myself,

Watch me fall to myself, alone,
You cannot help me now,
I lay in a land of bleached bone,
No man can tell me how,
To save myself from my pain,
I have fallen in twain,
My light lost to my shadow,
Hollowness I feel in my marrow,

Perhaps one day I will free myself of these things,
Of this darkness and these chains,
Until then I wait within my mind,

To break free of me,
As I scream "Unworthy!"