I didn't realize,
That all days have a timer.
You can't live them how you want.
The seconds count down,
Until stars take over,
Until the day is killed.
I didn't see,
How blind I was,
Yet I saw all you did.
I didn't grasp that you could hurt me,
Just like the others.
I didn't think,
I didn't know,
I did hope.
I didn't trust you,
I new it would happen,
Yet when it did,
It drove me to the point,
Of destructive hate,
Of my self.
I did know,
What would happen,
I did see it coming,
Yet I ignored the sign,
In front of my eyes,
I ignored the words,
From your mouth,
I ignored the hint,
From my best friend.
I new what happened,
But there's a difference,
Between knowing.
And realizing.

By Siobhan
Date: 13/April/2004