My world has broken up,
It's fallen apart,
It's left me behind,
To fend in the dark.

The stars have died out,
The moon has hidden,
I slink around,
Going where forbidden.

My eyes are bright,
My skin appears leathered,
My shadow runs from me,
Although to me it's tethered.

I know we all feel pain,
I know we all cry,
I want to leave,
To bid goodbye.

Yet I've found a way,
To handle it all,
I have another self,
And to her I let fall.

To her I trust,
I let her dominate,
She can live the life,
I love to hate.

I once watched a movie,
I once heard the lines,
I once watched the screen,
Latched to my eyes.

That's when I let her run,
When she took my life,
I guess everyone has some Gollum,
When they drive the knife.

By Siobhan
Date: 13/April/2004