My face

is a leather patch

of words

and pictures.



Do I need you anymore?



little boy with made me feel like a woman

steel and strong

are you gone?

Have you vanished

within the wind

that moves my life along

on this spectrum.

I'm standing

on the edge of a lowering parapet

its parameters

lacing their merciless ideas to my flesh.

The world seemed so quiet when I was a child.

Every thing was clear when I meet you.




I was your spit fire angel

safely concealed beneath my idea of you

until the breeze brought you to your own path.

Its road to narrow and step for me to follow close behind.

My fiery fingertips put out in your absence.

You needed no key to enter my heart

my soul

my body

just the right words

and come hither stare

all along the backdrop of a candy coded bedroom with red roses surfacing from the uneven distance of me to you.

The door was open

then closed

but you are neither here

or behind that door.

If I could see you again

I don't know what I would say!

"Leave, I never want to see you again!"

"Come back to me!"

The world is so noisy now

that its just me standing along the edge

everyone's words bursting at the seems of my soul.

Everyone's taunts ripping away my need for love

everyone's cruelty burning the peace out of me.

If I were to see you again

I'd take you in my arms

and kiss you.

But afterward

I know that I would have to walk away.