To My Sister

My life had lost all worth and meaning,
Or so I truly thought.
The thought of you brought happiness
When I was most distraught.

This life I live, I've lived alone -
No sibling with whom to share
The joys and desires of my heart,
And all my deepest cares.

This soon will change, upon the day
On which our parents unite.
To know I'll finally have a sister
Fills me with delight!

A princess like you, I don't deserve
With whom to share this bond.
You took me past the sorrow and heartache,
And carried me far beyond.

Although enraged that I will miss
The wedding, soon after tomorrow,
To walk away and leave you behind
Would be my greatest sorrow.

Monique, tis you who restored my joy,
Which I thought I had lost.
I promise now to love you always,
No matter what the cost.