Seated high up
on the point of the moon
sits a child
that has been forgotten.
He sits with his head in his hands
staring at the treachorous dark
that took his beloved away.
A figure can be seen
with it's hand on his shoulder
whispering apologies in his ear.
There burns beneath him
an incense drenched candle
and the tears can be seen
engulfed in the little flame
mixing in the pool
of melted wax and burning incense
leaving a smell of hope and innocence
and a stench of death and blood.
His hair is wet
and his eyes are swollen
while the earth is being flooded
by the rain on that day.
He writes simple nothings
on a scroll of crumpled paper
sweet nothings of 'I love you',
'I was there'
and 'I'm sorry'.
A little smile crosses his face
drenched in tears
as he writes
'Please, Dear God,
Save my friend for me..."
before dropping the scroll
to the endless nothing
that was coming for him.