Snapshot challenge:

Picture:  Lovers bed room

Witness time: A Few seconds

Music inspiration: The leaving Song Pt.2

Min words: 100

Max words: 300


            Take out your mental paint brush, your about to use it.

            Its dark here, faded.  There is a P.C. in the corner, with music CD's staked floor to ceiling on either side of it.  The walls are plastered with punk and metal posters, Nirvana, HIM, even Green Day and Drowning Pool share a wall.  The actual colour of the room is impossible to tell, you can't see it for the posters, and even if you could, the dark 3am light that filters through the naked window leaves everything to register as shades of grey rather than actual colour.

            The floor is littered with clothes, well thumbed books and random indefinable objects, each tinted never endingly grey. 

The windowpane is streaked with the salt less tears of the dieing planet.  The cold outside forced to stay there as the rain slams down in glass like sheets and shatters on the ground.  Lightning, brilliant white and illuminating, flashes for the briefest second. 

In the light you catch a glimpse of entangled limbs on the bed.  A pale face, porcine in its perfection, framed by iridescent black hair stirs.  The chest she is resting on, rises, drawing in breath, tanned, haphazard, his arm slung loosely over her.  Scars, jagged white lines in sharp relief to the coffee coloured skin litter the boys exposed flesh.  No older than 18 the boy sleeps as if the lines on his skin were never there.  His hold on the girl tightens, but neither of them wakes. 

The image freezes.  Look back round.  There's holes punched through the walls, haphazardly camouflaged by posters of bands the boy doesn't even like, there's a bowl of water next to a crimson soaked towel, shards of broken glass litter the floor, and all the clothes are blood stained bar hers. 


Words: 300

A/N: ok, I was given this challenge; I hope I've done something halfway decent, I'd love feedback, and if you want 2 give me a challenge, that would be brilliant also, just fill in the thing at the top with your own challenge, or just write something you want me to do. I'd love to give it a go.