I trusted you
How could you do this?
I trusted you with my thoughts and secretes
We were best friends
Best friends forever
Isn't that word sacred?
So I did one thing
Why did you throw it back in my face?
You were supposed to understand
You were supposed to help me
You were supposed to be my friend
But you threw that away
Friends since the beginning
Friends thru good and bad
But it broke
It's because you didn't like him
That you ridicule me
Why punish me because you didn't like him?
He says your jealous
I say nothing
I don't know why you do what you do
But you had the nerve to talk to me a few days after
Like it never happened
What you said
You were so uncaring when you said it
You never said sorry
I cried because I trusted you
You told me I was a bad friend
How am I bad?
Mistakes had happened but I apologized after
But you
You just say it with no feeling or remorse
Your father was bad
Now I think you are your father
Sorry to be harsh but that's how I feel
You were so uncaring
And the man you said only wanted sex
And nothing more
He held me when I told him
He comforted me and tried to make me smile
He spoke true words to me about you
His sister had this same problem
Someone just like you did this to her
All I can say to you is:
I trusted you