It was my birthday when I got the map. My 13th, to be precise. My great aunt had handed me a perfectly wrapped package with shaking hands. I opened it slowly.

I blinked as soon as I saw the yellowed paper of my map. "Let it lead you to new and troubled places." Great Aunt had said. I had not understood what it had meant then.

After the party, when I was throwing out the wrapping paper and cards which I didn't want (which happened to be all of them), my mom dropped the map on the ground beside me. "Put this in your room." Said mom. I looked at it, then at her. "Anna," She started. I sighed, "Yes mom."

As soon as I got up to my room, I threw it on my bed. It beckoned to me, making me really want to look at what was printed on that map. I remembered the mysterious words of my Aunt; 'Let it lead you to new and troubled places.' What did that mean?

I sat down on my computer chair and glared at it. It was hiding something.

After a while, my curiosity got the better of me.

I picked it up carefully and set it on the ground. Just as carefully I unrolled the crumpled, aged, yellow paper. As soon as it was open, I caught the scents of many different spices that I didn't know. It was a map of the world. As big as my door, and very, very old.

I snorted. It was nothing but an old map from Africa or something. Nothing special at all. With a sigh I looked it over. Canada, Mexico, Africa, Australia, Egypt. I stopped. Egypt. One of my favorite Ancient civilizations.

A large black dot indicated my favorite city, Alexandria. I smiled, reached out to touch the yellow paper, right on Alexandria, and screamed.

I was falling. My head throbbed as if someone had hit it. I couldn't open my eyes. Then I heard a sound, like rushing water. It kept getting louder and louder until, suddenly, it stopped. And I opened my eyes.

I was in a bustling market place. All around me were people dressed in strange clothing I knew from my books on Ancient Egypt. But, I didn't have time to make a connection, as someone behind me yelled "Stop, thief!"

I turned around to see four men (Who I quickly identified as palace guards) looking straight at me. I noticed that I was holding something in my hands. "Oh god." I breathed.

"So you finally stopped running?" The largest one sneered, un-sheathing his sword. I squeaked. The other guards grinned. The large one took a step towards me. "Are you kidding?!" I yelled. He looked at me quizzically. This is where I probably did the most intelligent thing in my life; I ran.

I didn't know I could move so fast. I dodged people with grace, as if I'd had years of practice. I made almost no sound, I feat which I decided impossible.

I had temporarily lost the guards around a corner, after running into a back alley. I was scared out of my mind, and I was running out of breath. A boor in the wall opened as I went past. Someone grasped my shirt and pulled me backwards.

Had I been caught?

I was pulled through the door. Someone pulled me into a hug. "It is you!" A girl cried, "You are the other traveler!"