You pull my threads and I fall apart
I pull your threads you tighten them and flip out
You bitch and moan at me
I cry my heart out to you
You don't believe it
I take in every word
You said you loved me
I really meant it
You popped the bag
I tried to seal it back up
You told me you were pissed
I really don't know what to do
You never told me the exact truth about this
I told you the truth about everything
I couldn't confess my love any clearer
I wish it didn't happen
Right now I'm pissed at you but filled with hatred of myself
Filled with hatred of her
You might say you love her
But in my mind she's out
Good bye
Good night
Fare well
Sleep tight
I don't care anymore
You stay friends with her
I'll hate her forever
Thanks a lot
Minus one friend
I'll hold on to you forever
But my grip on her has just slipped
She fell
Fell out of my friendship
You acted like I was being an ass
But in this situation it's you who's the ass
I love you
Forever and always
It could have happened a countless number of times
You said once, she said she didn't know
Screw this shit
I hate her
I love you
You're pissed
I'm not nearly as pissed as you were
What you did was worse
What I did was written
I have a right to be pissed
You got mad because of my poetry
I'm not bothering being pissed as long as NOTHING like this happens again
You know my life will end
By my own hand!
So just save me
Just this once at least
Don't make me do it
Don't kill me