My heart beats fast
My brain thinks slow
My heart is swollen
My brain is hurting
I've taken in too much SHIT today
Please say you're sorry
You should be asking for forgiveness
You cheated
You lied
You fucking cried!
I'm getting you depressed?
That's all I have to say
FUCK YOU you fucking asshole
Why am I doing this?
Why don't I know?
I still love you
I feel like a rose
I feel like the rain
I feel like the ground
You pushed me into depression
Thanks a lot fucker
I hate it!
Take me out of it!
I'm scared of this dark
I'm scared of this pain
You're the only one that can save me
You're the only one that will care
I'll forgive you at the drop of a dime
Someone please drop one
For her sake and mine?