This world is made of light and darkness,
I see it all around,
A thousand shades of gray drift silently to the ground,
The crunch and crackle as I travel along lifes path,
Drifting in and out of shadows that seem to leave upon my soul a dark aftermath,
Sometimes the light shines through and it warms my soul,
I long to spread my wings and fly but cannot in this place of hearts as black as coal,
Some choose only to see the darkness I choose to see the light,
This does not mean the shadows are not still there lurking in the night,
I see the inky patches of twilight as well as I pass through this place,
I cannot help but think of how the darkness can cast shadows upon one's face,
Light warms as soothes all around as it streams down through the green and brown,
It shines all around the pools of night that lie upon the ground,
This world is made of light and darkness and we choose which we see,
Won't you try to see through the eyes of another, one like me?