I would shatter,
And fly into a thousand glittering, jagged shards of death,
And cast my fury across the entire scope of this world and all others,
A smite all those around me,
And bring humanity to its knees,
Inside I burn with this need I feel,
It screams and scrambles around,
It's maw gapes open and it roars with unbridled intensity,
I feel I should tear loose from myself and scream across the world,
I am a cage for this energy within me,
It rattles my bars and screams,
Eyes burn within my own and I lose my sight as this incredible urge seeps into my being,
Mayhem becomes my creed,
Annihilation sucks my breath away and I crack with destructive lust,
I breath in life and exhale death,
I am lost to this world and crave the next,
I am.