I burn and yet I live,
Something inside me begins to give,
I pulse with the metal melody,
An eye begins to open inside of me,

I rise up and spread my arms,
Inside something begins to harm,
What I know is the better part of me,
As it fades away, it is shoved away and i begin to be,
Everything that I fear,

Hate rises up inside of this mortal frame,
It rears its head and screams my name,
The rage inside me grows again,
As my soul is split in twain,

Fury tears free of me and begins its work,
It looms above, it has broken out of me,
It towers over me and I follow it,

See as it levels those all around,
Watch as it knocks them to the ground,
Observe as your fists you pound,
Against yourself,

It whispers to me, it laughs at me,
As I follow it it smashes all in sight,
Breaking things left and right,

And then it falls away....

And I surge into my skin,
And I am whole again,
And I can't remember where I've been,

And then I can.

Because it was me.