There comes a point,
When thoughts disjoint,
And life loses meaning,

I fall into another world,
And all that's bad inside is uncurled,
And blossoms in my mind,

A horrible abyssal flower,
Filled hate and unseen power,
Its roots dig into my heart,

And as I clutch at my being,
I fall numb and end up seeing,

Blind and numb I grow new eyes,
Everything they see I despise,
They are eyes of Hate,

A scarlet burst inside my soul,
And my eyes become as coal,
They fill me with burning Fury,

Vile, bitter seeds are planted in my heart,
And as I vomit up my goodness they start,
To grow,

I begin to seethe within my frame,
I seem to forget my name,
And my world is lost to me,

My hands wreak acts of woe,
Upon those I no longer know,
Evil stains my hands,

My eyes are quenched with my tears,
As they steam I see my fears,
Have come to life,

I finally see the roots when they are in my arms,
In a flash I see all that has come to harm,
At my hands,

When I let reality slip from me,
I let this slimy thing come to be,
And now I must excise it,

The silky black petals quiver with glee,
For having so transformed me,
Its putrid scent is sickening,

I take the scalpel of my mind,
Open up myself and find,
The the roots of Evil growing inside,

I tear them out with my hands,
And try to turn back the sands,
Of Time,

Alas, deeds done cannot be undone,
And once the thread of evil is spun,
It cannot be unwoven,

And so I tear the flower free,
And crush its seeds within me,
I throw it to the ground,

As I watch it shrivel and die,
I wonder how I will try,
To live again,

And I wonder as I come back to me,
I wonder if it will come back to me,
As an unseen root lives on.