By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Tuesday,March the 13th,that a beautiful
Young romance writer drove herself to the town of Bountiful,
Wyoming,where she would find some peace and quiet to
Get some rest and do some work on her new
Novel,only to discover a nude female stranger rolling around
In a mudhole--and after she ran over to the ground
That's next to the mudhole,she tapped her fingers onto
The stranger's shoulder and said,"Excuse me.My name's Joanna
Belushi and you're on my property."But then,after Morgana--
Who introduced herself after she turned her newfound friend--had
Invited Joanna to join her in her little mud pad,
So that she could share such wonderous pleasure with Joanna.

And then,after she saw how wonderful the Alicia Silverstone
Type beauty looked,Joanna decided not let Morgana be alone
In her little mud pad,removed her clothes and placed
Herself next to her new friend,before touching her face
And kissing her on the lips not made of stone.

And while they're spreading mud all over their nude bodies
And allowed themselves to enjoy their moment of pure ecstasy,
A strange glowing spacecraft appeared and hovered over the two
Lovers,before activating a beam of light in order to
lift them up to the ship,zoom from our galaxy
And journey back to the planet where it came from.

While the starship's on course back to the planet Crom,
The two lovers looked at each other--and the look
Of shock appeared on her face,for Morgana just took
A deep breath and transformed herself from
An ordinary human being to an alien female--
One who's got quite a tale
To tell Joanna,for she's been chosen by
Morgana to be her new consort by
A world that's ruled by a society of females.