A/N: To anyone who hath received flames

This is a poem to all who have received flames
To say that with pleasure there is also much pain
And the joy of writers who put up their own work
And to have others say something about it is a 'quirk'

This is a poem to all who are put down
By some who wear nothing more than a frown
To be published on such a prominent site
And to have their poetry cast into the dark night

This is for all who know what its like
To work hard on a piece that takes them all night
And even those poems and stories put out on a fling?
Still the great joy and great feelings they bring

This is for all who have received a flame
It is not part of some great or sick game
Everyone here is simply trying to improve
And if not, they still get in the groove (of writing)

This is all who has been put to shame
This is for all who have received a flame
To know what it's like to be told you're not the best.
(But neither are they)
To know what it's like to be told you're no good
(Like it'll take many more years to improve)
To know what it's like
(To have flamers with improper grammar skills)

But one good thing comes from the flames
Aside from all of the deep wounding pains
And what is that we all can ask?
We can read their poems and flame their ass!
(Unless it's an anonymous flame, so therefore we just delete it and move

A/N: Yeah, cheesy and stupid, right? Well I just got a serious flame for
my novel and I don't like it at all. so I got mad and took out my anger in
(You can read and review. but yeah. no flames unless you mention beforehand
it's to humor the poem. and please oh please, don't swear unless it's
really for a good review.)
Nobody reads these notices, do they?