Once upon an evening past,
I heard Destiny's fateful trumpet blast,
Upon the wind whistling across the sky,
Denying touch of hand or eye,
I perceived something pierce my soul like a dart,
I felt that radiant note resonate in my heart,
My heart bled that day,
But I lost no blood to my dismay,
Then I saw upon a tree,
The answer which had taunted me,
Inscribed upon that strange and mystical bark,
Were the words of my heart,
I wrote them I know not when,
But I finally understood them then,
They were a divination of what had come to be,
An emotional forecast given to me.

From what spirit? I leave that question to thee.
For to me then it was plain to see.

Then I looked to the sky,
And saw that to which my heart is tied,
A Hawke glided gently down,
And became a maiden in a vibrant feathered gown,
To this day still you can easily perceive,
Just the smallest portion of the threads the Heavens weave.