Two cups of Fate

An equal amount of Destiny

A dash of Love

And a sprinkle of Harmony

Three cups or so of Friends

And stir in some Enemies, too

The Career flavor you choose is optional

But you must add some of the Flu

Add as much Generosity as you want

Try not to add so much Conceit

And however much you add of Wins

Add double of Defeat

Add a teaspoon of Optimism

And one of Pessimism too

One or two Desire

And some Self-Respect that's brand-new

A few freshly picked Hopes

When adding the Dreams don't let it sit

Cover it nicely in some Future

One you add the History you can't change it

It is okay to add some Fear

But you must remember your two cups of Responsibility

Add a little Courage where you'll need it

A drop of Dignity and one of Tranquility

Add as many Rights as you thing necessary

Don't use any Secrets if you are to cater

Use as much Family as you have

Keep the Individuality, you will need it later

Read the ingredients carefully and you'll ad Correct Decisions

Add a couple Mistakes but enough for half a cup

And many pieces and Belief

And some Surprises and Risk to liven it up

Use a little Elbow Grease

And a couple drops of Sweat

And A Taste of Reality

Is what you will get