Ok, in searching for new stuff to upload to FP, I found this at my old forum, OSS. I guess that if I write suicidal stuff, I don't actually kill myself.

by Cougar Draven

I can see it in your eyes
The love you have for me
And though I know your heart for sure
the price, I know, ain't free

I rip my hair out from the roots
Work my fingers to the bone
I slash my arm til blood flows free
all just 'cause I'm alone

Alone in my head
I can hear you sweetly singing
Alone in my heart
Bells of truth are ringing
Alone in my soul
you are what I'm thinking
But I know you're there and I'm alone
so I guess I'll stick to drinking

I can feel it in your voice
you want me there beside you
but others stand between us
and don't know what we've been through


I know I'm alone
but don't catch me thinking
I'll have you wonder
what the hell I was drinking
In all of my life
the birds softly sing
and carry my soul
just for this one thing


Optional 3rd Verse:
I can see you standing there
so bright, and so alone
you know exactly how I'll feel
and why I'm not at home
you climb the stairs up to my room
knowing I'm in bed
you open the door and cry your might
crimson, crimson red

(c)2004 DSI Music
Written by Cougar
for Val