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            I stood there, sort of fearful of the pain that Will would probably inflict upon me, and watched as Will sat up.


            Huh? OH NO! He's going to kill me now…and then Will grabbed me and pulled me down to the table against him. I didn't think that Will was capable of murder asleep…was he asleep in the first place? It was a very difficult thing to figure out because Will's eyes were still open.

            "Listen, Will, I know you can't hear me, I think, BUT ASSAULTING YOUR ENEMY IS NOT A GOOD THING!" Then, I realized that he was probably going to strangle me, "Please! Don't strangle me! What have I ever done to you? That's why you don't want to strangle me!"

            Will merely grunted in return and I couldn't help but think, 'At such an important time, the very moment you need an answer AND A GUY JUST GRUNTS! Maybe he was more of a beast than I thought.' I looked at his head to see that his eyes were still open. Okay…that was just plain odd. I loved the sight of those lovely ice-blue eyes…but still. Having them staring at you, when you know the owner of those eyes is probably dead to the world, was quite an unnerving experience. I tried to wiggle out from between Will's arms…but it didn't quite work. Ugh. So, I did the only thing I thought that I could do, and I tried to close his eyes…but there it was again! That weird tingling when I was near him. It was like these stupid/unwanted jolts of electricity were going from him to me. I quickly closed his eyes, and was quite surprised to find that Will's facial fur (That just sounds weird) was super soft. Sort of like Sempriana's coat, but softer.

            I tried to get his arm off of me…but no such luck. I sincerely wondered why Fate had forced me into such a precarious situation. I felt like lifting my hands to the sky and shouting, "WHY ME???" Sadly enough, I was in no position to do this due to the fact that Will had my arms pinned down.

            There was no other choice but to resort to plan B: wake up Will…I could just picture it now, "Hey…Will, wake up!"

            "AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Why are you here?"

            At least he'd let me go.

            "DIE GIRL DIE!"

            Then again…he would probably kill me as an afterthought. However, there was no other choice.

            "WILL!" I hissed, but to no avail because he did not appear to stir from his sleep. Of all the confounded times for a guy to be unwakeable…

            'Dash it all Will…of all times to act most like a guy…"

            All he did was grunt. This was very infuriating. "WILL! GET THE HELL UP!" The good thing: Will was awake. The bad: He had been having a good dream. The ugly: He woke up to find me in his arms lying next to him. You can imagine how well that went with Will. Half of it was unintelligible, but the other half was most definitely not unintelligible. On the contrary, his other thoughts were very understandable.

            "Huh, Belle? AAAAAHHHHH! Why are you here? Where are we? AH! You kidnapped me! What were you doing in my arms??? Why am I sleeping on a table?"

            I was immediately shoved out with as much gusto as one would have shoving a live bomb into someone else's arms. Ah…I was free!


            Will's POV

            Why was Belle in my arms when I woke up? I glanced outside to see the sky was still dark…so what had happened??? How did I wake up? I glared at Belle, and I noticed that she didn't recoil one bit. May that girl be cursed into oblivion. Why wasn't she scared of me? I could probably snap that girl in two in about 2 seconds. A little annoying voice said, "Then why don't you? You know that you like that girl."

            I wanted to smack myself in the head…but that's not exactly the type of thing that you do in front of people do you? I did not like Belle. She would go to hell rather than love me and as for me, well, hell will freeze over before I have any romantic feelings towards her.

            I settled for snapping, "Well? I want an explanation today and before Jacque and Hugo wake up."

            Of all the confounded times, Jacque and Hugo decided to wake up at that moment and sat straight up in their beds. Jacque and Hugo were both staring wildly around (Hugo frantically searching around for his sword and wand, and Jacque trying to smooth his now messed up hair. His hair, which I noticed much to my annoyance, was still great looking…he now had a rakish look.) To my great amusement, they both proceeded to say, "Huh? You called?" I shook my head. Hugo and Jacque were so alike…it was getting to be kind of freaky. Belle looked over at Jacque only to see that he still had his shirt off. I tried to shrug off the thoughts of "Irksome fool…"

            The twins saw that there was no one worth recognition; so both of them plopped back against their beds and fell asleep immediately. I couldn't believe it! This was practically a miracle! I turned back towards Belle and said, "Well?"

            She opened and closed her mouth soundlessly…exactly the way that a fish would. Okay, I gave up. I turned around and headed back towards my table, and tried to get some decent shut-eye.

            I was so close to falling asleep, so my mind was basically numb and dead. So, I fancy that the fact that the fact that I heard someone whisper something to me must have been a figment of my sleep-deprived mind.

            I had barely gotten a good decent hour of sleep when I heard Jacque yelling into my ear at the loudest possible volume. I think I'm going to go deaf a bit earlier in life than I wanted to…

            "WILL! WAKE UP!"

            I opened one eye, looked up to see Jacque standing above me with a pitcher of water poised over my head. There are times when you love your friends…but this was not one of them. "JACQUE! Get that thing away from me!" Hugo chose to waltz into my line of vision at that moment and said, "Jacque, I guess the pitcher has held the water well?" WHAT! Hugo was in this too? Even though I didn't know him as well as his brother, the two of them were different as quicksilver and mud, but they were still so alike. I should have known…

            "Hi everyone…Jacque, Hugo? Why are you two standing around Will's table?" That was just plain sad…I was sleeping on a table. I made a note to myself to remember to ask Hugo to transfigure the table into a bed. Hugo and Jacque, at the sound of Belle's voice, whipped around and tried to block the pitcher, and me, from view. They were probably trying to keep her from seeing their mischievous sides…all I can say was that Belle was not dumb. She tried to move closer, and I noticed that Hugo and Jacque were now both sitting on my table. Have you ever seen how something, which seems strongly made at first, will crumble at the slightest addition of weight. I realized the table was going to fall apart two seconds before…


            The three of us were on the floor and Belle started cracking up. URGH! Infuriating, cursed girl who happens to laugh at all the wrong times. That's when Jacque realized that his pitcher of water was undisturbed. He dumped the water in the pitcher on Hugo and I, and he got up and strode over to Belle before taking her arm and leading her back outside. Hugo and I sat there for about a minute before I sprang to my feet and pulled Hugo up. Don't even think that I bothered to follow Belle and Jacque. They obviously liked each other and deserved some quiet time together. We needed to fix the table or else I wouldn't have anywhere to sleep!

            "Hugo, I need you to fix the table." I couldn't help but notice the bit of desperation that entered my voice, and I noticed how my voice cracked on the word need. Hugo nodded, and obviously understood my worries. I DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO SPEND THE NIGHT ON THE FLOOR OR ON MY NORMAL BED (With Belle possibly on it…). Hugo walked over to his bedside and grabbed his wand before coming back and trying to fix the table.

(Five minutes later)

            No luck. The only signs the table of the table getting fixed was when the table leg joined itself to the main top part of the table…but otherwise there was nothing. Hugo was really trying, if the redness of his face or the look of constipation gave any indication towards his determination and hardworking-ness.

(Ten minutes later)

            Hugo has gotten redder. This can't possibly be good.

            "THAT'S IT! I GIVE UP! I TRY AND I TRY BUT DOES ANYTHING HAPPEN? NO!" Hugo threw up his hands and started walking back towards his bed.

            "Wait! What are you doing?"

            "I'm going back to sleep because the stupid table refused to get fixed because I'm still weak…" And with that, Hugo fell asleep again, falling forward and bonking his head against one of the stalagmites holding his bed up. I sincerely feared for my friend's health. Who drops into a nearly comatose state everyday? I checked his pulse to be sure that the poor guy wasn't dead…no such luck.

            He handsome fairy face would have a huge bruise on it in the morning. However, some would probably think that it just added a bit of gallantry to his overall look. (COUGH BELLE COUGH) Then, I headed outside to try and hunt down some rabbit for us to eat. That was probably the biggest game here. While I was trying to figure out where the most bunnies would be located, I heard splashing coming from behind me…at the Hanté Falls. The haunted falls…it was rumored that some weird grandmother of mine who was obsessed with witchcraft and ghost-summoning (The headless ghosts are here due to her supernatural efforts. Sadly enough, they did not follow her back to the afterlife after she died…which was what they were supposed to do so she would have servants. Who would want headless servants? I don't know.) Anyhow, my grandmother supposedly died here by drowning herself. Either way, I didn't really care, unless it was her ghost haunting the falls right now....

            I peered through a bush only to see Jacque standing there stock still in front of the waterfall. Had he been turned into a statue? I was saying a silent prayer of thanks when I walked into the clearing...until Jacque turned around with his mouth gaping open, and he pointed towards the water. I rushed forward and peered into the blue-black water, hoping to see a body.

            Pray for a body…get a Belle. It was so disappointing. However, Jacque was staring because Belle's dress was nearly plastered to her skin in the water…and we all know what Jacque thinks…I snorted in disgust and started looking at the pillars around us. It was like the waterfall was in the center or a semi-circle of pillars. These pillars were etched with fine runes and crescent shapes. Each pillar was made out of some unknown kind of stone that had an unworldly blue-green-silver sheen to it. Each shape and rune carved into the pillar seemed to dance with silver fire…or was it silver moonlight? The silver inside of the carvings seemed as though liquid. Each pillar had a flame carved onto the top, so it looked like the pillars had an eerie everburning fire sitting atop it, and inside of the fire, one could see a moon which was a beautiful cerulean color. Where the semi-circle ended was where the woods began. I noticed that the trees here seemed straighter and more alive than those in the normal forest. It truly was a magical place that I would have enjoyed if Jacque wasn't staring at Belle. I went back over to the waterfall, and noticed that Jacque was about to slip into the water in a secluded side of the waterfall…where Belle wouldn't be able to see that he snuck in. Let the girl suffer. I was just walking away when I heard a loud, "AAAAAAHHHHHHH! WILL!"

            Dash it all…why did that stupid girl now know my name? I thought she thought that I was "a beast".

            Sadly enough, I think I'm going soft. I started heading back and noticed that Jacque was not torturing Belle directly in the water, but shooting little black stars, with well-defined dull points, at her legs, and she was looking wildly about in the water. "WILL! THERE ARE STUPID FISH BUGGING ME! Why did I go into the water in the first place???" She turned at that moment to try and swat away one of those "fish" when she saw Jacque. "DIE JACQUE DIE!" She immediately got out, giving Jacque a chance to admire her legs for two seconds before grabbing a black star floating in the water and knocking it against his head. Belle started smiling that freaky diabolical smile that she gets right before…"DIE JACQUE DIE!"….hurting somebody. She grabbed about ten or fifteen (Do you think I was counting?!) black stars before charging at Jacque and throwing black stars at his head. The poor fairy. He deserved it though. And, he had some chances of a fair fight. He was able to catch one of the stars thrown at him at one point and he threw it back at Belle. Sadly enough, he missed her head and hit her shoulder instead, and she looked madder than ever. I being the kind friend that I am felt a tiny bit concerned for Jacque's well-being, so I grabbed a point star that Belle dropped and tossed it at her. It was funny to see her look around wildly, with her long chocolate colored tresses flying everywhere, but then she fixed her gaze on me, and I noticed how mean and cruel-looking those hazel eyes could be. Crud.... I started running as soon as I noticed that Belle was now going after me. Her eyes had gone this ice-blue color…interesting. I guess hazel was her normal eye color, but ice blue happened only when she was mad.

            I realized how mad she was about an hour later, when she was still furiously chasing Jacque around. (She gave up on me a long long time ago when she realized that no one could catch up to me, me being a beast and all.) I watched with interest as Belle ran around after Jacque screaming, "DIE JACQUE DIE! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT! SERIOUSLY, FAIRY BOY, YOU ARE GOING DOWN! STOP RUNNING SO I CAN KILL YOU QUICKER AND THEREBY GIVE YOU A QUICKER DEATH!" The sad thing was that Belle was threatening him with the black stars and he was not even scared. The only thing he felt was probably fear of ruining his precious face. I unbuckled my sword sheath from my belt before tossing it to Jacque as he passed by. He started running down a hill with Belle close in pursuit, still screaming, "JACQUE! I SWEAR I WON'T HURT YOU THAT MUCH!" I sat there enjoying the show, and finally after another fifteen minutes or so, I grabbed Jacque and we started running away. Jacque apparently had his senses back, because he was shooting black pointy skulls back at Belle every now and then…and on each one he would put a message to Belle.

            How did I know this? Easy, Belle tossed them right back at us, so obviously, we got glimpses of the messages on some of the skulls:

a) I'm so sorry Belle! (Yeah right)

b) Forgive me? (He thought it was that easy? That was some wishful thinking.)

c) Belle, I swear, I'll never do it again! (She apparently realized that Jacque does not keep promises very well.)

d) Go kill Will! Not me! I've still got a life to live! (I glared at Jacque after reading this and he just said, "Hey, better you than me, and she didn't even go for you.")

e) Belle, seriously, aren't you overreacting? (This caused her to let out another one of her abnormal battle cries, which led us to run faster as she started throwing more skulls and rocks at us. She's very touchy isn't she? I'm so glad that that girl can't read my thoughts. That would be so bad…)

We did get away in the end by climbing into a tree when we were around a corner. She didn't see us climb up, so we were safe. For about a few minutes. I glared at Jacque because all this had happened because he just had to go and annoy Belle didn't he?


            Belle's POV

            I was ready to hurt that freak of nature. Just who did I want to tear from limb to limb and hang from the highest point of the chateau? Jacque La Fée was a prime candidate at the moment, but I couldn't find him! Where had he gone? I stalked around the clump of forest a bit more before deciding to head back to the Moonlit Waterfall, or at least the name that Jacque told me him and Will had dubbed it. Stupid insufferable fools who decide to go traipsing in the wild without me….at least Hugo should be there to provide me some sort of company.




            "I thought so. You see, you're the mature one. Don't you agree?"


            The sad thing was that the conversation mainly consisted of me ranting and raving to Hugo for about ten minutes before I finally realized that Hugo hadn't heard any of my rants because he had been asleep. So, I was presently sitting on Will's bed trying to read a book called "Cinderella". It was a PITIFUL book. "Cinder Ella" was this pitiful girl who had plenty of chances to escape, but she never did because she continued believing that one day her "Prince Charming" would find her. Eventually.

What kind of a pitiful girl was she?? I knew for sure that I would recognize true love when I saw it. Since it doesn't exist, no problems there.