Authors note: ~~This poem was written about my friend Kinga who I really
liked. she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. So this one was
dedicated to her. but now she left me alone to die so. Yeah, I guess the
poem is still true. cause being SINGLE SUCKS MONKEY POO!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times have I wrote your name
Man it's driving me insane
I can never see you because of time
Instead I think of all these rhymes
That mix together about you
And sometimes make me feel blue
Other times it makes it seem like your here
But I don't see you anywhere
These dreams of you are just my mind
Playing tricks on me like if I were blind
I miss you a lot, do you miss me too?
Man life is miserable with out you
R+R please, I will add more of these types of poems. along with others.