**Authors Note: This story is about all the really cool dreams I've had. I really wish they could all come true.** **Disclaimer: I do not own any of these words. so don't sue.**

**BEEP** **BEEP** **BEEP** The alarm sounded at 7:30am. I woke up put on my clothes looked out the window. I turned on the radio. The guy on the radio mentions my high school is closed today but all elementary schools are still in session. I laughed hysterically, "Stupid little kids!"

I fall into a daze and remember when I was in 4th grade. ~~(These mean I am in a dream)~~ ~~ "HELP US," a girls voice says.
"They're in cell #7," I say back in my 4th grade voice.
"Thank you," a boys voice says.

2 girls run out and they both lay down. ~~

"What the?" I say to myself, "what was that?"

I go outside, nothing but 2 feet of snow in every direction. SNOY DAY!! I walk down the street following the snowplow so I won't sink into the snow. I decided to walk all the way past my school and almost to my old school. (I ride the bus so that's far.)

I see a girl from my school building a snowman with another girl. One girl threw a snowball at the other. I laughed and walked towards them. Then the girl that got hit throws one at me while I walk by. I catch it and reform it into another snowball and throw it back. It hits her. The girl that threw the 1st snowball gets up and throws a huge snowball at me. I catch part of it as the other half still hits me in the face. I pissed off form another snowball from the part I caught.

"This shot wasn't intended for you." I say.

She gave me a puzzled look. I laughed and her friend hits me with the biggest snowball she could make. I fall over. I lay there as they start to burry me. I plow out of it and run to hide. They just go on continuing their snowman. So I silently climb a near by tree. They were both really cute when they smiled and the way the snow landed on their hair and their coats made them even cuter. She looked up at where I was hiding and smiled with a smirk on her face. She threw a snow ball, surprised, I fell out of the tree."

"Ah, got him," she yelled.

I then realize I know who both of them are. She comes towards me. "OMG it is. it's."

What is it no one will even know until next chapter comes along into play. Only way for that to happen is R+R