Written by: Felicia Spencer

I loved you enough to want you
I felt as if you were mine
I hated anyone else staring at you
And dared them to cross the line

Don't you know that I'm so angry
Because if all the time I spent on you
I've could've taken that chance
To go and find somebody new

It's kind of ironic now
That I'm still sitting by the phone
While you're out enjoying yourself
I'm still all-alone

Tell me, was that your intention
To break me down so bad
Was I that bad of a person
Or did you even care

The tears that I cry are not for you
They're for all my wasted years
Because of this I learned not to trust
And now I'm surrounded by fear

If that was your intention
Well then I guess you did succeed
Now the only way to get over you
Is if my heart is freed

But you must've woven a spell on me
Because I don't seem to want anyone else
I need to get you off of my mind
Because now there's nothing left