I know that I haven't updated much nor wrote any new stories. But I've been really busy this past weekend and this week. Birthday was Friday and I've had to sign the contract to publish my book "All I Need" and get all of that stuff ready with the publishing company so I've been busy. But (finally) I have a new story. I'm probably going to be working on this story a lot and not worry about my other stories because I need to focus on one book.

Beyond the Horizon

A Novel by writerforever


Gunshots could be heard outside the mission house. Kyle clung to the bed post terrified. Matt walked over to the window and peered out. "It's the Misha. They must have found out about the food," Matt said frightened. Kyle walked over to stand beside Matt and he looked out the window. He saw a small group of African-American men dressed in a strange way. In their arms they held long rifles. One of the men glanced over to the window and when he saw the two boys staring out the window he raised his gun and fired.

"Lookout!" Kyle said as he grabbed Matt. They fell down onto the floor as the bullet shattered the window. The boys covered their heads to protect themselves from the falling shattering glass.