Chapter 1


The City of Boston

April 5, 1982

The music could be heard all through the community. It was coming from the Bensons' garage where fifteen-year-old Kyle Benson and his band, The Scorpions pounded away on their electric guitars and drums. The neighbors had gotten used to the music by now.

Kyle Benson had joined The Scorpion band last year. The small band had been started by a sixteen-year-old by the name of Josh Hanson. The band consisted of a drummer Ben, a guitar player John, Josh was the lead singer, and Kyle was the electric guitar player. Kyle had gotten very good at play the electric guitar and he hoped that someday The Scorpions would become famous.

The boys stopped playing and took a lunch break in the kitchen. "So are you and your folks going to that charity thing tonight Kyle?" Josh asked as he took a sip of beer that he had snuck in. Kyle sighed and plopped down into a chair, "Yea, I have to go my parents said because my Uncle Ray and Aunt Jena are hosting it. They're missionaries or something in Africa and they host these charity things every year. I'll also have to hang out with that little goody-too-shoes, Matt, my cousin who is my Uncle and Aunt's son," Kyle said. "I have to go too. My parents are into all of that charity junk," Josh said sighing. Kyle sat there for a moment and suddenly he sat up in the chair. "I have an idea. Why don't we make this charity 'social' a party to remember?"

That night after band practice was over Kyle sat in his room smoking a cigarette. His parents forbid him to drink and smoke but he didn't care. "They can go jump off a cliff for all I care," he would say.

At fifteen Kyle was going through the stages of puberty. He was moody at times and always on the offensive. He had dyed his brown hair jet black and he wore baggy jeans and a tee-shirt. He had been a rebellious teenager ever since his parents became Christians. Before his parents had become Christians they had been more easy on him. Now that they were Christians they had made all kinds of new rules that Kyle hated. Such as he wasn't allowed to go out at night with the guys, nor was he allowed to go to parties, and he had to dress in a moral way. As Kyle thought about all this anger filled him and he swore under his breath. "I hate life," he said as he took another deep inhale of the cigarette. But soon his thoughts turned to the plan he and Josh had about running the charity social.

At that moment he heard footsteps coming towards his room. He ran over to the open window in his room and threw the cigarette out as his Dad stepped into his room. "Hey Kyle it's time to get ready. We'll be leaving for the Charity social in thirty minutes," his Dad said smiling. Kyle nodded and went to get dressed. His Mom had laid out a suite for him to wear but he wouldn't be caught dead in it. Instead of wearing the suite he put on a pear of faded baggy jeans and a black tee-shirt that said 'Made In Hell'. His parents would be furious but he really didn't care because he wasn't going to be at the dumb charity social for long.

A few minutes later the family climbed into the volts wagon. On the way to the Stadium where the charity social was being held Kyle's Mom fussed at him. "I told you to wear the suite but instead you're wearing that. . .that. . .those dirty looking clothes," she said angrily. Kyle sighed and sank deeper into the backseat of the car.

They soon arrived at the Stadium and as he climbed out, Kyle looked up at the tall building called the Stadium. Normally it was a big empty building but it was used for city socials and fund raisers like the one tonight.

When Kyle stepped into the Stadium and saw all the fancy dressed people and all of the fancy food he knew it was going to be a boring evening. There was small individual tables all over the Stadium floor and the place was filled with people in tuxedoes and fancy dresses. Kyle sighed as he followed his parents to where his Uncle Ray and Aunt Jena were. His Aunt and Uncle walked quickly to meet Kyle and his parents. There was many embraces exchanged among them. Kyle's Uncle Ray turned to him and smiled, "Hello there Kyle. My you've gotten tall. It's been a long time since I've seen you." Uncle Ray took Kyle in a big embrace and Aunt Jena did the same. Kyle sighed and took the hugs and the kisses. Tonight was going to be so boring, but as soon as Josh and his parents showed up the charity social would be anything but boring.

To be continued. . .