Fluffy Pink Bunny Slippers

Authors note: These characters are mine. Including the slippers. Touch, and DOOM SHALL COME! Muahahaha!

To anyone passing by the scene would look very strange, even comical. A very handsome young man sat with his long legs pulled up to his chest. His hands were tightly in front of his knees. He rocked back and forth slightly. There was no apparent reason why the man was in this position. Though things looked very different though his eyes . . . .
Fluffy, hot pink bunny slippers stood in front of him, their black glass eyes fixed on the boy.
"Why are you afraid of us, Aycan?" The right slipper asked.
"I don't need to be afraid of old bunny slippers," Was Aycan's would- be-calm answer.
"So you admit that we are your bunny slippers?"
Aycan buried his head in his knees. "No," came his muffled reply.
The two bunnies hopped forward two hops, and Aycan cringed. The two bunnies peer at him curiously. "You know that we are your bunny slippers." The bunnies sighed. "We remember when you used to wear us ALL the time."
"Lies!" Aycan shrieked "All lies!"
"It's true and you know it," The left bunny slipper stated plainly.
Without warning Aycan burst into tears, his sobs muffled by his knees. The slippers jumped on top of his feet. He gasped in surprise and looked up, tears silently rolling down his cheeks.
"We need you to help us with something," The right bunny slipper said solemnly.
"Why should I listen to you two?" Aycan asked, finally regaining some composure. "Because we know what you did last summer," the slippers simultaneously answered.
"Really?' Aycan asked, intrigued. "Even I don't know what I did last summer."
"You mean to tell us --"
"But don't you . . . ."
There was a short silence until Aycan spoke up again, "So, what did I do last summer?"
"I dunno," the left bunny slipper twitched his ears as he answered. "You expect us to remember this stuff?" The right bunny slipper dismissed the subject.
"Then why did you say that?"
"I dunno. I just really felt like saying it," The left bunny slipper answered nonchalantly.
"Oh," Aycan tried to think of something witty to say, but failed.
"Anyway," The right slipper began, "we need you to help us take over the Unknown."
Aycan was taken aback by the request, but he quickly recovered. "Sorry to disappoint you, but no can do!"
"But, why?" the slippers whined after a moment of no one saying anything.
Because, that's what I want to do." Aycan abruptly stood up, and the slippers fell to the ground in a heap. "I can't have any competition, now can I?" Aycan grinned devilishly as he rose to his full 6 feet.
"M-mommy always said to share," The left slipper meekly replied.
"She never said anything about sharing with inadament objects," Aycan purred, is voice dangerously smooth.
The slippers fumbled for something to say.
"I suggest you get out of here before I decide what to do with you," the young man hissed, his gray eyes full of malice. His daemon, Morialda slithered out from a hole in the bottom of a tree where she had been hiding and hissed at the slippers.
The slippers nearly tripped over themselves in their haste to get away.
Aycan laughed coldly. "Well, we wont be seeing them for a while!"