I'm watching you,
Watching you and wondering,
What happened?
Look back on the past,
When I used to be your friend.
What changed?
I know.
You got accepted,
Accepted by them.
While I was cast out,
Merely a part of the scenery.
I remember the times,
When we used to laugh.
When you would come to my house,
When we would talk.
I remember the time,
We were playing kick the can.
You were on your bike,
But still I beat you in the chase.
Till this day,
I've always wondered,
If you did it purposely?
If you slowed down,
So that I could feel the victory?
Now though,
You're not so kind.
Maybe you don't think I can,
But I can hear you.
I can hear your nasty words,
The bad things you say.
About me.
I know people grow apart,
People change.
But I never thought you'd lower yourself,
That far.
But then again,
I don't know you anymore.