I wish that I could stay
To lust after my insanity
But he has torn me away
Without pity

His eyes are consumed with hatred
His hands tremble with disgust
And he reminds me relentlessly
That I am the quintessence of dust

I tune out to his loathsome remarks
And imagine myself gliding away.
With each cruel word he barks,
I remember that I have to stay.

He deserves some love,
To understand ones' pain
Like my grandfather, the dove
Attached to a ball and chain

He refuses to see my purity
He is blinded by his fear
Why won't you take pity?
On this poor dear

I am sprawled aghast on the floor
Still in awe of his continuity
While he howls at me more
Never once does he stutter

This makes me realize,
He knows what he is doing
And cannot obtain pride
Therefore, why should I

Lie and wait for more abuse
Instead of free myself
Let loose!
And day dream with the seagulls
And pray with the pallid dove.

With all my strength I stand
Face to face with my adversary
I do not sink to his level of remorse
But walk through him, his translucent self
I walk, and I walk till the road comes to an end
And sit and I wait for a train to come by

I day dream with the seagulls
Pray with the pallid dove
And fly away with the morning glories
With whom I feel loved.