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Midnight Fireflies


Rating: G/PG

^Pointless fluff^

(Cute cat boy fic)


                Kelvin swung his feet, the grass beneath his bare toes tickling as they skimmed over his sensitive skin. His white hospital gown had been discarded in favor of some loose slacks and an oversized shirt. A professional pickpocket (boredom infects us all at times), Kelvin was always able to pick up random objects from others… Like the gold wedding band now worn on his left forefinger. In the soft, clouded moonlight, Kelvin looked down at it, smiling warmly at the golden, cooled warm color.

                He was sitting on an old swing, the wooden board uncomfortable for his tushy and worn rope frighteningly thin and shockingly strong. As cliché as it was, the swing was connected to an old oak tree. Its branches were full of vivid green leaves, summer sunlight peering through them each day.


                Sunlight was his enemy, now. Having been finally diagnosed with systemic Lupus, he was being hospitalized temporarily. Maybe they wanted to experiment on him? Wait for him to die and then poke and prod his lifeless body? Eww.

                A rustling was heard from behind him, and Kelvin swung his head to see a tall doctor. Dark brown ears perked up, his tail twitching on its own, giving away Kelvin's enthusiasm. Damn tail. The man still wore his white coat, which highlighted him in the darkness. White ears perked, directing themselves towards Kelvin before those beautiful ocher eyes joined. A white tail flicked out from underneath the white coat, joining in the enthusiasm. This didn't mean, though, that the rest of these two persons would be just as simply enthusiastic and loving.

                "Alastar," Kelvin nodded, turning back around and forcing his tail to fall to the ground. Stupid tail.

                "Kelvin," Alastar walked up to stand next to the younger male, hands casually tucked away in white pockets, his body straight and tall directed towards the greenery, as was Kelvin's. The silence stretched for a long while into the darkening night, fireflies swarming in the midnight air.

                The fireflies' golden light made Kelvin smile, grateful for the beautiful light. It would work for now, since he was forced to hide from the bright sunrays that rained down upon this earth every day. A hand landed upon his shoulder, and Kelvin looked up, surprised, at a smiling Alastar.

                "Hey, Kellie," Alastar crouched down, and the two of them mutually discarded their indifferent attitudes. "It's cold out here, isn't it? Let's get you back inside. I don't want you getting sick." Those beautiful eyes were shimmering with emotion, and Kelvin couldn't help but lift a tanned hand to that pale face. He hadn't always had systemic Lupus, after all. He had a very natural tan tint to his skin. The amount of light he was allowed darkened his skin enough. It was odd.

                Fireflies danced in the corners of his eyes, and Kelvin shook his head, pulling Alastar into a tight embrace, "No. I'm fine."

                As long as you're here with me.  

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