Chapter 1
It poured heavier than ever that day, her tears blended with blood and rain. She couldn't bear to look down, bear to remember what was already fresh in her mind. In his cold hand was a piece of paper, wet from the rain. As he lay in the mud at her feet the ink smeared, just beginning to wash away the only evidence to the murder. Breaking from her trance, she sprung to take the small wet scrap. She had known him so well....and yet she hadn't known him at all.
His handsome face was now motionless, that cocky smirk he always wore seemed wiped from all memory like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Uncrumbling the small sheet she read the words: "In forgotten today norm, not but 2 all around 5". Her smooth face wrinkled with confusion.
Her boyfriend, now dead, had never done anything anybody, besides possibly, annoy them a bit....but to harm someone....never. She could still see him walking through the halls, his head held high, and everyone admiring him. Who would've killed him? And why had she been the first one to see him there....just as he had been the first one to love her?
Turning her back on the nightmare of truth....she ran. Ran back hoping to find that it was just a dream, a figment of her imagination, magnified, almost to the point of reality.
Walking into the formal halls of the institution, her wet feet created cold splotches of water on the floor, almost marking the sudden stain of fear and angst in a once ordinary time. Rushing into the room, she realized that she had broken a discussion. Her mother was a teacher here, at Braodney's Psychiatric University, and this was her class. All the students, as well as her mother...stared at her, shocked. Staring at her mother, she could see the veins beginning to pop up on her forehead, she was almost furious, hopefully she wouldn't be when she found out what was happening.
Quickly the mother pulled her out into the hall. "Sydney! What on earth are you doing? You've known ever since the incident when you were nine, never just burst into my room like that! Your fifteen know that!" Panting heavily and doubled over with her hands her knees she looked up at her mom. Her whole look at the moment looked purely tragic, it was almost impossible to tell the something wasn't wrong, but of course, her mom hadn't noticed. He dark black hair seemed plastered to her smooth porcelin-like skin and her green eyes shown with terror.
"Darren.....,"she whispered suddenly."he's dead," Her mother froze, she didn't know what to do, she had hated Darren, but her daughter had absolutely adored him. A small percentage of her wanted, to say,"I told you, Sydney, he wasn't a good boy, he got what he deserved". But the rest just wanted to do the common motherly instinct and hold her until her tears stopped, so that's what she did. For 20 minutes she held her daughter until she was sure it was all right, and she went to go teach her now rather inpatient class.
The small, normally overlooked, girl leaned against the wall, tears flooding into her eyes. Getting tired she slid her back down the tile, so she was sitting on the cool floor. Hearing a small "tap-tap" she looked to see a young boy, keeping his eyes on the ground, walking her way. She glanced back down at her knees, and then noticed that he had stopped right in front of her. She raised her sopping wet head and just stared at him. He stared back and said,"I know." She almost laughed, thinking that this boy had to be joking, but no...he look at her with the small solemn stare. The boy continued to stand there. And then said, "5 equals 5th, 5th street." Diving into her own thoughts she began to wonder:"The creepy little boy....what had he meant? Did he know?" She looked back, he was gone.